Dividends4Life: Why Retirees Won't Want to Overlook This Fast-Growing Dividend Stock

This company added two more fuel sources to its growth engine since its IPO. In late June, it agreed to become a partner on the Wink to Webster pipeline. The large-scale pipeline will move oil from the Permian Basin to the Houston area when it comes online in the first half of 2021. Long-term contracts back the project, meaning it will supply it with steady cash flow. In addition, the company and a joint venture partner agreed to acquire Reliance Gathering for $355 million in early October. That deal enhances its oil gathering business while improving its long-term growth prospects as oil companies drill more wells in the region Reliance serves.

Rattler Midstream (NASDAQ:RTLR) has been a public company for only a few months. However, the midstream company has made quite a first impression. Not only did it deliver a strong first earnings report, but it also secured two needle-moving growth opportunities. Because of that, the company appears poised to produce strong growth in the coming years. Add that to the attractive dividend it intends on paying, and retirement-focused investors won't want to overlook this opportunity.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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