Dividends4Life: How To Retire (Your Kid's Edition): Don't Save For College

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As we detail in How To Retire: Don’t Go To College, we’re not fans of the traditional university route: Young people are taught from an early age that they can't put a price tag on education. That theory is precisely wrong. Colleges put price tags on education. They've been increasing the price dramatically faster than inflation. Better options exist if your kid decides he or she wants to pursue education past high school.

Skip the expensive private school and opt for a more reasonably-priced (though not always bargain-priced) state school. You can also steer your offspring in the direction of knocking out general education requirements and such at a community college. Or, better yet, drive the conversation toward not going to college at all. We’ll save the details for a future article, but there’s no debating that the definition of work has changed dramatically in the last five to 10 years. It will continue to change as freelancing, remote work, and the idea of a decades-long career working the same job everyday fades into oblivion.

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