Dividends4Life: Buy And Buy Again Annaly Preferred Shares

Buy And Buy Again Annaly Preferred Shares

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We were asked if we tire of writing articles about NLY’s preferred shares. NLY preferred shares come with a risk rating of 1 and continually fall into our buy range. We are happy to continue in the making of money for investors. As of this article being finished, we swapped NLY-F for AGNC’s new preferred share.

And, if you haven’t guessed already, we had another buy alert for an NLY preferred share. Specifically, we sold NLY-I (NLY.PI) to fund our purchase of NLY-F (NLY.PF). A dividend capture is an opportunity to sell shares shortly after the ex-dividend date for a price similar to where they traded before going ex-dividend. Often the shares are purchased just prior to the ex-dividend date, though not always.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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