Dividends4Life: 3 “Strong Buy” Dividend Stocks from Wall Street

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Dividend stocks are the Swiss army knives of the stock market. When dividend stocks go up, you make money. When they don't go up -- you still make money (from the dividend). Heck, even when a dividend stock goes down in price, it's not all bad news, because the dividend yield (the absolute dividend amount, divided by the stock price) gets richer the more the stock falls in price. Knowing all this, wouldn't you like to own find great dividend stocks? Of course you would! Here's what we've found...

Energizer (ENR): With a stock price down 30% over the past year, you might think that Energizer is running out of juice -- but Wall Street begs to differ. Dine Brands Global (DIN): It's hard to find a stock with less sex appeal than batteries, but Dine Brands -- the restaurateur behind the IHOP and Applebee's chains -- is a close second. CVS Health (CVS): Coming at last to perhaps Wall Street's highest profile pick, CVS Health is the nation's largest retail pharmacy chain, with 24% market share as of the end of last year.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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