Dividends4Life: The Best 7.8% Yielder on the Market?

The Best 7.8% Yielder on the Market?

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In today’s market, high-yield stocks are usually not the safest bets. I mean, if a company is solid and offers a yield much higher than its peers, income seekers would be rushing to buy its shares, bidding up the stock price and lowering its yield. Still, while investors should approach high yielders with caution, it doesn’t mean we should ignore them completely.

For instance, Iron Mountain Inc (NYSE:IRM) currently offers an extremely generous payout relative to its share price. And I believe its stock is worth considering for even the most risk-averse income investor. Headquartered in Boston, Iron Mountain is in the storage and information management business. While we don’t really see IRM stock mentioned in the news that often, the company is one of the biggest players in its industry.

Source: Income Investors

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