Dividends4Life: 20% Annual Distribution Growth Through 2021, Record Earnings, Upped Guidance Again

OMP is yielding 10%, with growing coverage also - it hit 1.6X in Q1 '19. The yield over current cost will grow to 12%-plus in 2020, and to over 14% in 2021. It's 18.5% below analysts' lowest price target, and has received multiple upward earnings estimates from analysts in the past month.

We added Oasis Midstream Partners LP (OMP) to the HDS+ portfolio about five months ago, in January 2019. Thus far, OMP has kept pace with the market, but it's early days yet - this company has a clear growth path through 2021 due to its business model. This quote from the Q1 '19 earnings call really sums it up for OMP: "We've got great coverage, we've got a great balance sheet, and we have good longevity and view into our ability to grow distributions over time."

Source: Seeking Alpha

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