Dividends4Life: Collect an 8.3% Yield From the IRS

Collect an 8.3% Yield From the IRS

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One little-known tax loophole allows Americans to collect large, growing distribution checks from the government. And investors can begin earning yields as high as 8.3%. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Rob, the IRS takes money each year. They’re not in the business of giving it out, right?” Actually, most people don’t know the whole story. And it’s the opportunity that I have for you today...

Let me ask you this: who does the IRS pay for its office space? Most people would assume the federal government. The real answer, in fact, is a quiet business partnership called Office Properties Income Trust (OPI). Office Properties Income Trust owns a collection of office buildings across the country, which it rents out mostly to bureaucratic agencies. The federal government is the partnership’s biggest tenant by rental income. The next biggest tenant is the State of California. Together, these renters account for almost a third of OPI’s revenues.

Source: Income Investors

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