Dividends4Life: Chevron Stock Is Moving Slow, but the Dividend Makes It Worth the Wait

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The price of Chevron (NYSE:CVX) has become as a source of frustration. Chevron stock has remained range-bound since early 2018. Moreover, the CVX stock price still has yet to rise above its 2014 peak. The long-term track record of Chevron indicates that the stock will eventually rise. The question hinges on how to invest in CVX profitably. By focusing on income, investors can profit regardless of where oil trades.

I believe Chevron stock can rise above the $135 per share ceiling, eventually. Still, long-term holders of Chevron stock have faced years of frustration. Chevron peaked at just over $135 per share in July of 2014. Soon after, oil prices crashed, taking CVX below $75 per share by the fall of 2015. It made it back to a high of almost $134 per share by early 2018 and has remained range-bound since that time.

Source: InvestorPlace

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