Dividends4Life: The Dividend Yield of Apple Stock Can Reach 3%

Apple, Inc. (AAPL) stock has taken an 18% hit in the past six months on concerns about the impact of America’s ongoing trade war with China and the increasingly saturated global smartphone market. Fortunately, Apple has a seemingly unlimited stockpile of cash that it can deploy in an effort to solve the problems of Apple stock.

The owners of Apple stock can expect a large portion of that cash to be returned to their pockets in coming years as Apple pushes its dividend yield up to around 3%. In a nutshell, Apple outlined its own major problem when it lowered its revenue-growth guidance via a letter to shareholders in early January. Apple said that its guidance miss was partially caused by lower-than-expected China revenue in the wake of the trade war. However, Apple also said that its latest iPhones have not generated as much demand as the company had hoped. Apple reported that its iPhone revenue had dropped in its first quarter which ended in December.

Source: InvestorPlace

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