Dividends4Life: This Oil Stock Isn't Bothered by Cheaper Crude Prices

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Thanks to considerable cash generation for the year, the company was able to reduce its net debt ratio from 29% to 22.2%. For 2019, management intends to keep capital spending relatively flat, with $11 billion in total spending and an additional $1.7 billion for exploration. The board approved a 13% increase to its dividend for an annualized amount of $1.04 per share. At today's price, that gives it a dividend yield of 4.56%. The dividend increase has to be approved by the shareholders at its next annual meeting, though.

Norwegian oil giant Equinor (NYSE:EQNR) -- formerly Statoil -- has been playing it incredibly safe lately with its strategic plan. Rather than focus on growing production, the company has focused almost exclusively on squeezing every cost efficiency possible from its operating and capital spending. That focus on costs and improving returns worked out rather well this past quarter. While its net income result was a little lower than expected, the company is generating loads of cash and has improved its returns to some of the best among the big oil players.

Source: Motley Fool

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