Dividends4Life: Meet 3 Top Dividend Stocks: One Boasting 23% Annual Payout Growth

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If we want to search for top dividend stocks through the lens of relative price strength, we find these three have the strongest stock charts on IBD's Dividend Leaders list...

Verizon (VZ) is in various ways the strongest of the three. Despite the recent volatility of the stock market, a run-up of almost five weeks has left Verizon with a 92 Relative Price Strength Rating, and with a relative strength line steering sharply into new highs. The stock is also well extended after finally clearing a 54.87 buy point in mid-October. DSW (DSW) boasts an 87 RS rating. But its stock chart shows a fresh test of support near the long-term 40-week moving average. The 40-week line behaves similarly to the 200-day moving average on a daily chart. Interpublic Group (IPG), on the other hand, is in a sort of sweet spot between the other two dividend-rich stocks. It shows an 88 RS rating, with an RS line edging up toward a short-term high.

Source: Investors Business Daily

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