Dividends4Life: A 9.5% Yield, 16 Straight Hikes, And Stronger Growth In 2019

The yield is 9.55%, with 1.12X coverage that should improve in 2019. Management has raised the quarterly distribution 16 straight quarters. They closed on a big growth project in Q3, which will ramp up earnings in 2019...

We added PBF Logistics LP (PBFX) to the Hidden Dividend Stocks Plus portfolio back on 1/22/18. Although its price/unit has come down ~-2.8% over the past two quarters, it has held up considerably better than most other midstream pipeline companies during the autumn crude price swoon. PBFX has delivered a total return of 8.11%, as of 11/15/18, thanks to the $1.97 in four quarterly distributions we've collected.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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