Dividends4Life: Record Earnings, An 8.5% Yield, Estimates Rising, No K-1

The yield is 8.5%, with 1.1X coverage. This company just reported record Q3 earnings. Revenues and EBITDA hit record amounts, and DCF and adjusted profit were the second highest ever. It has received multiple upward earnings estimate revisions over the past month.

We first introduced GasLog Partners LP (GLOP), and GasLog's Preferred B units (GLOP.PB), to the HDS+ portfolio back on 1/31/18. Since then GLOP has given us a very healthy total return of 11.96%, while GLOP.PB has a total return of 5.35%, vs. -2.24% for the S&P 500. Even better, both vehicles provided solid income, with yields of 6.68% and 5.35%, respectively.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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