Dividends4Life: 3 Inflation-Proof Stocks to Buy as Interest Rates Rise

One way to fight inflation in your portfolio is through dividends. When inflation is above 2%, a stock that yields more than that pays for itself, right? However, all yields aren’t created equal. Struggling companies will offer a “sucker yield” to entice gullible investors to buy stocks which otherwise wouldn’t be worth the paper on which they are printed. But I’ve found 3 inflation-proof stocks with dividends that are justified and stable. Below are my picks for inflation-proof stocks...

Like other insurance stocks, Chubb (NYSE:CB) has been hammered this year because of concerns about the impact of Hurricanes Florence and Michael on their bottom line. Crown Castle International (NYSE:CCI) stock offers investors a twofer — exposure to both the interest-rate sensitive real estate market and the fast-growing telecommunications sectors. Odds are that most people have never heard of PPL Corp (NYSE:PPL), whose seven electric utilities serve customers in Pennslyvania, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee and the United Kingdom.

Source: InvestorPlace

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  1. DivHut // November 3, 2018 at 10:06 PM

    PPL has been on my watch list for some time. Still considering this stock especially if it's under $30

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