Dividends4Life: 3 Dividend Growth Stocks for 2019 Yielding Up to 10.4%

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If your income portfolio gives you the same dollar value of dividends as it did 10 years ago, your purchasing power has essentially deteriorated. Fortunately, there are companies that have been growing their payout to shareholders. If they raise their dividends at a faster pace than the rate of inflation, investors would actually have higher purchasing power as time goes by. So let’s take a look at three dividend growth stocks worth considering for 2019. They yield up to 10.4%...

I want to begin by telling you about a high-flying tech stock: Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT). Despite being a four-decade-old company, Microsoft is still growing rapidly. Getty Realty Corp. (NYSE:GTY) is in the real estate business. Headquartered in Jericho, New York, the company specializes in the owning, leasing, and financing of convenience stores and gasoline locations. For those who think GTY stock’s safe and growing payout of 5.1% still isn’t enough, I present to you Sprague Resources LP (NYSE:SRLP).

Source: Income Investor

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