Dividends4Life: An 8% Yield, With Record Earnings, No K-1, And Rising Rate Protection

The yield is 8.06%, with EBDA coverage of 8X, and net income coverage of 3.7X. Revenue and EBITDA hit records in Q2 '18. This company issues a 1099, not a K-1.

In mid-September, Seaspan Corp. (SSW), the world's largest independent owner, operator and manager of containerships, issued a new preferred series, Seaspan Corp., 8.00% Series I Fixed/Float Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Shares, (SSW.PI). These are cumulative shares, meaning that Seaspan must pay you for any skipped dividends before paying common dividends. In addition, they rank senior to the common in a liquidation scenario, and they have much better dividend coverage. At $24.80, the current yield is 8.06%.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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