Dividends4Life: A 9% Yield, With 16 Straight Hikes, And Higher Guidance

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This high-yield vehicle has returned more than 2X the S&P - it's up 10% for Hidden Dividend Stocks Plus members. The yield is 9.6% with 1.2X coverage. Management has hiked the distribution 16 straight times through Q2 '18. Management increased EBITDA guidance on the Q2 earnings release.

We added PBF Logistics LP (PBFX) to the Hidden Dividend Stocks Plus portfolio back on 1/22/18. Since then, it has produced a healthy return of 10%, with a mild $.65 price gain and $1.47 in distributions. The distributions comprise ~69% of PBFX's total return, which is a big part of the HDS Plus strategy for income investors. PBFX's total return is more than 2X the return of the S&P 500, including S&P price gains and theoretical dividends.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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