Dividends4Life: Fat 6.86% Yield You Need To Take A Bite Out Of

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Fat 6.86% Yield You Need To Take A Bite Out Of

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This company has great opportunities in their preferred shares for yield hunters. It recently dropped from a buy to a hold. However, on the other hand, its preferred is still just within the buy range. The giant dinosaur wants you to take a giant bite out of a fat yield...

Annaly Capital Management (NLY), the giant dinosaur of mortgage REITs, has 4 preferred shares. We will be focusing on NLY-G and NLY-F as two great investments for yield hunters. Recently, NLY-G rallied into the hold range after we had been telling investors it was a buy. On the other hand, NLY-F is still just inside the buy range. NLY has some of the safest preferred shares in the sector. When we apply a risk rating to a preferred share, a large portion of the risk comes from the underlying company. One thing going for Annaly Capital Management is their dinosaur-like size.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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