Dividends4Life: 3 Dividend-Paying Blue Chip Tech Stocks to Buy Now

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Unlike the dot-com bubble, there is real earnings and revenue growth fueling this tech rally. In fact, the average P/E ratio of our “Computer and Technology” sector currently sits at 22.2, which compares favorably to the dot-com era’s average that soared into the 100s for a few weeks. Another interesting trend in today’s tech rally is that, rather than obsessing over the next big thing, investors seem to rewarding tried-and-true brands for their respectable growth. This means that some of the strongest tech stocks are the household names that consumers already know and love. With that said, check out these three blue chip tech stocks to buy now...

Tech behemoth and iPhone maker Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has become a backbone stock for many investors in recent years, and the company is well on its way to reaching the $1 trillion market cap threshold for the first time ever. Apple may have reached the $1 trillion market cap threshold first, but not far behind it and a few other gargantuan tech companies sits Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), a software pioneer in the midst of a cloud-computing-back rejuvenation. Although you might recognize the brand because of its calculators, Texas Instruments (NASDAQ:TXN) is actually one of the leading suppliers of advanced semiconductors in the world.

Source: InvestorPlace

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