Dividends4Life: Checking In With This 10.4%-Yielding Mortgage REIT

This stock is a high-yield, high-risk mortgage play. The mortgage REIT has above-average leverage stats, but a thin margin of dividend safety. Shares are no longer priced at a discount to BV. I'd prefer to wait for a drop before scooping up some shares. An investment in the stock yields 10.4 percent.

AG Mortgage Investment Trust, Inc. (MITT) is a high-yield, high-risk mortgage real estate investment trust whose shares have surged in the last three months. AG Mortgage Investment Trust is now priced at accounting book value, and the company has a thin margin of dividend safety. Should investors still buy this mortgage REIT, or wait for a drop before gobbling up shares in AG Mortgage Investment Trust?

Source: Seeking Alpha

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