Dividends4Life: This Stock Yields 8.7% (and Growing)

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This Stock Yields 8.7% (and Growing)

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In recent posts, I’ve told you all about my favorite place for safe, outsized yields: cash cows. These firms represent mature businesses. Because they have less in the way of growth potential, owners milk these firms for extra-large income. Cash cows don’t come with a “cool factor.” These stocks, however, have quietly beaten the market for decades. And it’s not rare to find yields of up to 21%.

Case in point: GasLog Partners LP (NYSE:GLOP). This partnership owns a fleet of tanker ships that move liquified natural gas from Point A to Point B. And with a yield nearing nine percent, some investors have taken notice. You don’t need an MBA to wrap your head around this operation. GasLog owns 11 vessels. Management then leases these carriers out to energy companies. These deals get done under fixed, long-term contracts. In some cases, executives lock in agreements for up to 10 years (or more). In other words, we can circle the dates for when this partnership gets paid—for years to come.

Source: Income Investors

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