Dividends4Life: An 11% Yield, 16 Straight Hikes, Record Earnings Again, Turnaround In Last 2 Quarters

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The yield is 11.60%, with 1.19x distribution coverage. They had record earnings for the second straight quarter - revenue up 45%, net income up 15%, EBITDA up 15%, DCF up 7.5%. Management has raised the distribution for 16 straight quarters. It's at a 52-week low, and is 10% below analysts' lowest price target and 20% below the average price target.

We looked at Sprague Resources LP (SRLP) this week to check on its progress in integrating its new acquisitions. SRLP is a diversified midstream company whose management has been on an acquisition roll since its 2013 IPO, having invested over $425M.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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