Dividends4Life: A 12% Yield, Just Reported Major Growth In Q1, With Much More Growth Due In 2018

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The yield on these common units is 12.36%, with 1.18X trailing coverage. Revenue was up 20%, EBITDA grew 30%, and DCF grew 29% in Q1 '18. This LP has multiple long-term growth projects which are coming online in 2018. Management also just announced a major Permian pipeline project. There's also a new preferred series selling below its $25 call value.

Does size matter? Guess it depends on your partner. In the case of Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), it definitely does. Management has acquired and built an enormous energy infrastructure system, which is still constantly evolving. In fact, ETP's gas and crude gathering assets are located in counties where ~70% of total US rigs are currently drilling - and that's just one segment of its business.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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