Dividends4Life: 3 Lesser-Known Financial Stocks for Income-Conscious Investors

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If income falls — or goes away completely — REITs have to slash the dividend in most cases. Hence, investors should also look for financial stocks that earn steady cash flows and enjoy some degree of flexibility to maintain their dividend through more challenging times. The banking and asset managers live under no such restrictions. Most earn steady cash flows through issued debt requiring steady streams of income. These financial firms also can maintain enough flexibility to pay dividends or strengthen their balance sheet if cash flows become disrupted. The following three financial stocks offer both high returns and flexibility...

Golub Capital BDC Inc (NASDAQ:GBDC) is a New York-based investment management company. The firm acts as a business development company, serving as a credit asset manager. It currently manages over $25 billion in assets. Oritani Financial Corp. (NASDAQ:ORIT) acts as a holding company for Oritani Bank. Based in Washington, New Jersey, this financial services firm provides retail and commercial banking services to both individuals and businesses. Main Street Capital Corporation (NYSE:MAIN) offers both debt and equity financing to middle-market companies. The Houston-based asset management firm funds buyouts, recapitalization and acquisitions of companies in several different investment sectors.

Source: InvestorPlace

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