Dividends4Life: 2 Great High-Dividend Stocks for Senior Citizens

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Income is often a priority as well, so above-average dividends are ideal for seniors' portfolios. However, while high dividends are nice, great stocks for senior citizens offer dividends that are sustainable and have a high probability of growing over time. Finally, although it's not the top priority, it's nice to have significant long-term growth potential. Growing dividends combined with a growing stock price can help your portfolio keep up with (or beat) inflation over time -- a big concern for retirees. Two great dividend stocks for senior citizens...

A dominant leader in an attractive business: In the self-storage industry, there's Public Storage (PSA), and then there's everyone else. Public Storage is such a dominant industry leader that it's larger than its next three competitors combined. The best overall dividend stock in the market: Realty Income (O) is a net-lease REIT, specializing in freestanding, single-tenant retail properties. I've referred to Realty Income several times as "the best overall dividend stock in the market."

Source: Motley Fool

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