Dividends4Life: 5 “Cash Cow” Dividend Stocks Yielding Up to 21.3%

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Iit’s not uncommon to find dividend yields as high as 21.3%. No, cash cow operations don’t get a lot of airtime on TV, but for those of us willing to trade excitement for profits, these investments can be quite lucrative. The best part? The yields on some of these names have spiked, thanks in large part to the recent stock market plunge. Let’s take a look at three of my favorites right now...

Compass Minerals International, Inc. (NYSE:CMP) churns out some of the highest dividends around. BCE Inc. (NYSE:BCE) is a well-run phone company serving millions of customers across the “Great White North.” TC PipeLines LP‘s (NYSE:TCP) owns a number of natural gas pipelines, connecting some of the continent’s largest basins to customers. The story at Government Properties Income Trust (NYSE:GOV) is similar to BCE. The company is easy to disregard because earnings growth looks so-so at best. Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust (NYSE:BPT) owns a number of oil wells on the Alaska North Slope.

Source: Income Investors

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