Dividends4Life: Unique Real Estate Company Paying Investors 16.2% in Cash Dividends

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If you want to collect an oversized income stream, owning physical properties might not be the best way to do it. That leaves us with real estate investment trusts (REITs). But then again, as investors have searched for yields over the last several years, prices of the most well-known REITs have already gotten expensive, meaning, if you buy their stocks today, the yield would likely be underwhelming. And if you look at the real estate companies offering yields north of 10%, you’d see that many of them can’t cover their dividends.

And that, my dear reader, is why Uniti Group Inc (NASDAQ:UNIT) deserves your special attention. The company offers one of the highest yields in the current stock market and backs its payout by running a rock-solid business. Let me explain. The first thing to know about Uniti Group is that the company has perhaps a unique real estate portfolio among all public REITs. Uniti Group’s core business has nothing do to with owning apartments, retail malls, or industrial warehouses. It doesn’t even invest in real estate mortgages (which is what most double-digit yielding REITs are currently doing). Instead, the company focuses exclusively on one unique set of assets: communications infrastructure.

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