Dividends4Life: These 3 Dividend Stocks are Dead Meat on the Next Pullback

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The stock market is overdue for a correction (to say the least). And when the rising tide pulls back, certain dividend dogs will be exposed. It's all well and good to chase 5% and 6% dividends as "bond proxies" when the market continually grinds higher. It's another story when stocks begin to wobble - and an entire year's worth of yield is jeopardized in a down week! Of course some dividend stocks will hold up just fine. But we're going to pick on three that are likely to be exposed when the bullish music stops.

Gladstone (GAIN) provides debt and equity financing to manufacturing, consumer products and business services/distribution companies. Buckle (BKE) is up 26% in the past three months - even including a recent pullback - and could be set up for more losses should the market pull back. For a long time, Gannett (GCI) was a somewhat sneaky media play. That's because while most people knew it for its USA Today and other print brands, the company also sported digital and attractive broadcast businesses.

Source: Dividend.com

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