Dividends4Life: 1 Monthly Dividend Stock Yielding 7%

1 Monthly Dividend Stock Yielding 7%

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How much have you put aside for retirement? Thing is, it never quite feels like enough, does it? It’s hard to say with 100% certainty if your money will last. Low interest rates have made it even tougher. Nowadays, even a seven-figure portfolio throws off hardly any money. It has forced savers to reconsider their options and look to new sources of investment income. One solution? Business development companies (BDCs). BDCs represent publicly traded companies that invest in or lend to privately held businesses. And thanks to a number of tax loopholes, many of these firms pay out yields of five, seven, and even nine percent.

Main Street Capital Corporation (NYSE:MAIN) tops my list. The firm has a 10-year track record of paying monthly dividends to investors, in addition to lucrative special distributions on occasion. This name also pays out a safe seven-percent yield, which puts it in a pretty elite group of dividend stocks. Main Street has a long history of making smart loans, for starters. Management only lends money to established, mid-sized companies. In other words, profitable businesses that can repay their loans on time.

Source: Income Investors

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