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This 9.8% Yield is Worth a Look

Posted by D4L | Saturday, December 30, 2017 | | 0 comments »

You may have to date a lot of crazies before you find someone you’d want to share your Netflix password with. The same thing, it seems, applies to high-yield stocks. Like a lot of the people you meet in the dating market, most double-digit payouts come with some, er, “baggage.”

But today’s stock, which sports a lovely 9.8% yield, should inspire confidence. Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance Inc. (NYSE: ARI) invests in and originates commercial first mortgages. And at least as far as its distribution is concerned, this payout looks reasonably safe. Management has established a good track record, for starters. Apollo has paid a quarterly distribution since 2010. Over that time, executives have raised the payout more or less in line with profits.

Source: Income Investors

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