Dividends4Life: Blabbing Heads Offer You A 5.6% Dividend Yielding REIT

I'm primarily a fundamental investor. I will glance at technical factors and might reduce my purchases or harvest a little profit. This company is currently trading at a massive discount. The stock hasn't been this low since 2010. Talking heads give inaccurate information and investors run in fear. Mall REITs are struggling; they are not dying.

Over the last year, the price of Tanger Factory Outlet Centers (SKT) has fallen significantly. I believe SKT is a buy a little under $28. This puts the company well into my buy range. The price of SKT right now is under $25. How many times have you heard blabbing heads on the TV say malls are dying? There isn't much room left to fall after every retail investor believes the talking heads.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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