Dividends4Life: A 7.5% Yield Traders Should Keep An Eye On

A 7.5% Yield Traders Should Keep An Eye On

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Compared to peers, this preferred has low duration sensitivity in both directions. A 100 bps rate change in either direction has a similar positive/negative impact on the portfolio. Hedging has been over 90% for the past year. That’s a good sign for risk as thecompany also raised leverage.

AGNC Investment Corp. (AGNC) has two preferred shares. A positive for AGNC is being internally managed. Due to internal management, they should be able to raise common equity easier than the majority of peers. The common dividend for AGNC pays monthly which can attract more investors. Their preferred shares are often great for the buy-and-hold investor. AGNCB isn’t great for the buy-and-hold investor right now:

Source: Seeking Alpha

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