Dividends4Life: A Little Known Tech High-Dividend Stock Yielding 9%, With Qualified Dividends

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Looking for high dividend stocks in the tech world? You may have to search for quite a while - there are a few out there, but the tech sector isn't known for high dividend yields. This stock yields 8.58% and has paid the same dependable dividend since 2006, with no cuts during the financial crisis. It has a conservative 40.57% dividend payout ratio. Management is transforming its legacy assets into more of a tech services base. It pays qualified dividends - no K-1. You've probably never heard of it - it receives very little coverage in the financial press.

Since late May 2016, when we first covered North State Telecommunications (OTCPK:NORSB), (OTCPK:NORSA) in one of our articles, it has gone from $45.40 to as high as $70.00. It's one of those "sleeper" OTC stocks that has low trading volume, which may run from under 100 shares to a few thousand daily. Both shares pay the same dividend amount, but the NORSB has better liquidity. NORSB is currently at $60.60 and is up over 33% since we first covered it. However, it has underperformed during 2017, falling 6.77% year to date:

Source: Seeking Alpha

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