Dividends4Life: 5 Of The Best International Dividend Stocks Today

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The USA represents the biggest Stock Market with some of the best brands in the world with experienced management that can all but guarantee long-term success. However, sometimes these companies are a bit overvalued – even considering potential growth in the coming years. For this reason, my intention today is to introduce a few international names that may have lower valuations, allowing us to diversify our portfolio risk. To this end, I would like to introduce the following companies...

Rio Tinto (Australia), the world’s 2nd biggest miner. Saeta Yield (Spain), small bust fast growing solar farms companies. Munich Re (Germany), the world’s biggest reinsurer. Swiss Re (Switzerland), the world’s 2nd biggest reinsurer. Red Electrica, Spanish utility with 17 years of dividend increase and a 5% yield.

Source: Value Walk

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