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3 Overlooked High-Dividend Stocks

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Risk is the foremost concern of my stock advisory newsletter, The Liberty Portfolio. Most investors unknowingly take on far, far too much risk. Things are all rosy now with the market 30% overvalued, but trust me, when the correction comes, investors will suddenly learn about risk the hard way. So as normally “conservative” investors take on higher levels of risk by investing in securities mistaken perceived as “safe,” or “blue chip,” just to squeeze out those 4% yields, they may be missing some overlooked high-dividend stocks that carry less risk.

Icahn Enterprises LP (NYSE:IEP) is not known as a dividend stock. I think it is mostly known because it is the publicly traded vehicle that allows investors to invest alongside Carl Icahn. Senior Housing Properties Trust (NASDAQ:SNH) is in a sector that has huge long-term secular tailwinds. The American population is aging, and baby-boomers are moving into senior housing facilities. This trend is going to continue for some time. Starwood Property Trust, Inc. (NASDAQ:STWD) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that I initially didn’t understand, because it involved the word “mortgage.”

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