Dividends4Life: 5 Dividend Stocks Yielding Up to 7.4% to Buy Before the Holidays

Is retail dead? It depends. While Amazon.com (AMZN) is indeed making life miserable for many brick-and-mortar outfits, I'd like to show you five dividend stocks in the space that could be a month or two away from getting a big shot in the arm. So say the holiday crystal balls. That brings us to Deloitte, which sees not just good things for e-commerce sales, but holiday sales as a whole. It's forecasting a 4.5% bump that outclasses 2016's 3.6% growth, with Deloitte's Rod Sides telling CNBC that "sentiment and spending indicators are firing on all cylinders." Better still, "Even the big retailers continue to pick up e-commerce share." No, retail isn't dead - you just need to pick your shots carefully. That's why I have my eyes on these five retail dividend stocks yielding up to 7.4%. Their potential for a strong seasonal surge is nice, but they also boast several qualities that make them attractive, Black Friday bonanzas or not...

Best Buy (BBY) is done playing the victim. You probably can't remember back to a time when Best Buy wasn't seemingly days away from crumbling under the massive weight of Amazon. Yes, Williams-Sonoma (WSM) might put together some of the most cringe-worthy catalog entries in the home-goods space, but the owner of the W-S, Pottery Barn and West Elm brands is one of the premier names in upscale kitchen and decor. United Parcel Service (UPS) isn't a retailer, of course, but it still benefits from consumers shopping in their jammies. Home Depot (HD) is a must-buy ahead of the holiday buying season, and in fact, its attractiveness has nothing to do with the holidays. GameStop (GME) is the highest-yielding play among these five dividend stocks - and it's also the trickiest.

Source: NASDAQ

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