Dividends4Life: This Stock Is Offering a High Dividend Yield of 5.4%

This Stock Is Offering a High Dividend Yield of 5.4%

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One income source that has rewarded many income investors with market-beating returns is dividend growth stocks. Simply put, the companies that such stocks would be associated with are growing businesses that are growing their top-line revenue and paying a gradually higher dividend. This not only means money in investors’ pockets, but also returns that match, if not beat, the inflation rate. This type of stock requires patience, buying and then holding onto the shares for some time. There is no need to try to time the market; rather, timing in the market is what matters...

One dividend growth stock worth considering is Life Storage Inc (NYSE:LSI). Life Storage is a real estate investment trust that acquires, owns and manages self-storage locations. The company has an ownership of more than 625 self-storage properties in 29 states across the U.S., including California, Florida, Nevada, and Arizona. Back in 2013, the dividend per share amounted to $0.48 per quarter. But, since then, the payout has more than doubled to $1.00 per share. This means that the dividend has an annual growth rate of 20%, which easily passes the average inflation rate of three percent.

Source: Income Investors

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