Dividends4Life: High-Yield CRE Stock Yields 10.3%, Dividend Upside, Discount From BV

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The biggest catalyst for high-yielding real estate investment trusts with a variable asset base is the Federal Reserve. Banks and REITs that hold a large percentage of floating-rate assets on their balance sheet will continue to benefit from a more hawkish Fed that moves along the interest rate curve. This company has dividend and capital upside. The CRE firm’s valuation is attractive since shares continue to sell for a discount to BV. Upside is tied to the CRE market remaining stable and interest rates rising. An investment in thestock yields 10.3 percent.

Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance, Inc. (ARI) is a buy on the drop. The commercial real estate finance company’s shares have fallen off their 52-week highs in 2017, offering income investors an interesting entry into the stock. Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance sells for a discount to book value. Further, I see potential for the company to grow its dividend payout as well as potential to close the gap between book value and share price.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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