Dividends4Life: Earn a 7.32% High Dividend from This Diversified Business

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Rather than wasting time wondering what to do, and missing out on the upside of the markets, I would recommend looking at high dividend-paying stocks. This strategy involves owning shares of a company that pays a portion of its revenue to investors for being part-owners. Regardless of the performance of the stock, there will be a dividend paid out. Also, there is the potential to participate in the upside of the business, which only adds to your bottom line as an investor, through the stock price seeing a capital gain.

One company that should be considered as an investment opportunity is Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC (NYSE:FTAI). As of this writing, FTAI is offering a dividend yield of 7.31%, which is paid on a quarterly basis. Based on historical trends, the payments occur in February, May, August, and November. Here is how this investment strategy works: let’s say you purchase $10,000 worth of FTAI stock. Simply by buying and holding the shares, a quarterly dividend of almost $183.00 would be directly put into your brokerage account or mailed to you as a check. This would amount to an annual dividend payment of $731.00. You would receive this dividend whether the markets fell or continued to trade higher.

Source: Income Investors

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