Dividends4Life: An Overlooked Real Estate Income Play Yielding 7.7%

For the most part of the last decade, investors have been searching for yield in the stock market. One sector that is of particular interest to income investors is real estate. With stable and predictable cash flows, real estate investment trusts (REIT) have become a staple in many income investors’ portfolios. With increased investor enthusiasm towards the sector, real estate stocks have generally gotten more expensive. And since a company’s dividend yield is calculated by dividing its annual payout by its share price, higher prices often translate to subdued yields.

There is, however, one real estate company that has largely been overlooked. In fact, its share price has dropped considerably over the past year and has only started to climb back up very recently. At the current price, the company offers an annual dividend yield of 7.7%. Of course, a high dividend yield could be a sign of trouble. But in the case of this real estate stock, its generous payout is backed by a rock-solid business. I’m talking about DDR Corp (NYSE:DDR), a REIT headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio.

Source: Income Investors

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