Dividends4Life: 9% Yielding Utility Pays Monthly, 7 Straight Hikes, Big Growth Coming In Q3, Major Deal Closed In July

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Looking for defensive high-yield stocks? Since we're soon to enter one of the worst months for the market (September's historic average return is -1.1%), you may want to take a look at the utilities sector, which has led all others over the past month, and is also among the leading sectors over the past quarter, six months, and year to date. The yield is 8.95%, with a 59% payout ratio. Management has raised the monthly payout for seven straight quarters. It just closed a deal that should grow EBITDA and DCF by 59%...

Crius Energy Trust (OTC:CRIUF) is a Canadian utility that we own and have written several articles about since September 2016. It has outperformed the Utilities SPDR ETF (XLU) over the past year and year to date. However, it suffered a pullback over the past quarter due to a bought deal offering, which will increase its unit total to 56,944,417. The offering was part of the funding for its major acquisition, of USG&E, which closed in July.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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