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Consider for Its 7.44% High-Dividend Yield

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When investing in any security, there are three important aspects of a company to consider before deploying any capital: its past, present, and future. This knowledge helps make more informed decisions, which should be reflected in your bottom line. All three will be applied to today’s stock, which features a high dividend and a current yield of 7.44%.

The company in question is Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (NYSE:MPW). Medical Properties is a real estate company involved with healthcare-related properties and investments such as hospitals, medical office buildings, and surgery centers. The benefit of this investment is that you would own real estate assets without the need to serve as a landlord. However, before even looking into this or any other company, make sure you understand its business model and general operations. To test if you really understand the company, explain it to a non-investor. If they understand, then the company is worth further research; if not, it’s too complicated to be worth your time.

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