Dividends4Life: A 9% Yield, 11 Straight Hikes, Record Revenues And Cash Flow jnj $133.3 -0.10 -0.0% ko $46.19 0.39 0.8% mcd $157.6 0.36 0.2% pg $92.20 0.55 0.6% xom $78.04 -0.19 -0.2% Expand Portfolio A 9% Yield, 11 Straight Hikes, Record Revenues And Cash Flow

Dividend Growth Stocks News

Want distribution growth and earnings growth? Distribution yield of 9%, with very strong 1.35x coverage. Management has raised the distribution for 11 straight quarters. Just reported Q2 earnings: Revenues and cash flow grew over 50%, net income grew more than 43%, EBITDA grew 36%.

Take a look at midstream firm PBF Logistics LP (PBFX). Its management has been acquiring and integrating its assets over the past several quarters, which has led to some eye-popping growth numbers. Revenue grew 53%, net income was up 43%, EBITDA grew 37%, DCF rose 52%, and net income/Ltd. Partner Unit was up 20% in Q2. Even with common unit growth of 48%, it has still grown distributions/unit by 10.3% in the past four quarters, with total distribution coverage at a strong 1.37x.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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