Dividends4Life: This “Cash Cow” Yields 14.2%

This “Cash Cow” Yields 14.2%

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Today’s chart highlights “cash cows,” my favorite place to find high-yield dividend stocks. Cash cows represent mature businesses. Because they don’t have to reinvest earnings back into operations for expansion, most of their profits get returned to shareholders. As a result, some of these names pay out yields ranging from 10% to 12%, to even 15%. Earn a 14.2% Yield From This Dividend Stock...

Case in point: Ship Finance International Limited (NYSE:SFL). The company buys vessels and other marine assets and then leases them out to customers. If you need a steady income, this name should top your watchlist for a couple of reasons. For starters, you have cash flow. A new ship can cost quite a bit upfront. But once you own one, they’re actually not that expensive to maintain. Furthermore, customers cover most of the operational expenses. Costs, as a result, come in at only a fraction of sales. This leaves lots of money left over for acquisitions, stock buybacks, or big, oversized dividends.

Source: Income Investors

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