Dividends4Life: High Dividend Growth Stock with 6.8% Yield

High Dividend Growth Stock with 6.8% Yield

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One way to increase your income without chasing the highest dividend is dividend growth stocks. These are companies that have a track record of increasing their dividend on a continuous basis. A company increases its dividend because it is able to afford a higher dividend payout and/or because management wants the shares to be held by long-term investors will willing to wait for the dual return of income and capital growth. This creates less volatility in the overall stock price and preserves the company’s capital. One company that meets this investing criteria would be...

TC Pipelines, LP (NYSE:TCP) is structured as a master limited partnership. The business acquires, owns, and helps manage energy infrastructure assets throughout North America. The company has a total of eight pipelines that it has full or partial equity ownership in. This diversifies the business, as it does not rely on a single pipeline or geographic location. Also, the pipelines the company only part-owns are done so via partnerships with other pipeline operators, which lowers the overall risk of the assets. Eighty-eight percent of TC Pipelines’ revenue comes from long-term contracts, providing stability.

Source: IncomeInvestors

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