Dividends4Life: 5 Bulletproof Dividend Stocks That Yield at Least 5%

It's time to re-evaluate your holdings and decide just how fortified you really are. The best defense? Stocks with can't-miss businesses that always find a way to rebound. And you'll note that I'm not saying "stocks that won't fall in a crash." When the entire stock market goes, fear drives people out of the best of stocks. That's why you simply want to look for longtime survivors, opportunists and companies that haven't gotten ahead of themselves. Here are five that are built to last through thick and thin.

AT&T (T) is the classic widows-and-orphans play. It's a slow-and-steady dividend stock so ubiquitous that it has become the benchmark for similar investments. And it's exactly the kind of holding that keeps a portfolio humming. The march of baby boomers into retirement age is also a key driver for self-storage, as many older Americans are starting to sell their larger homes but want to hold on to the things they've collected over the past few decades - all the better for storage REIT like Life Storage (LSI). If you're going to invest in private equity, Blackstone Group (BX) - which also offers financial and alternative asset management services - is one of the best. The Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Income Fund II (EOS) is a closed-end fund that invests in mostly large- and mid-cap stocks with both strong growth prospects and sturdy financials, but also writes covered calls against those stocks to generate income. If the name sounds familiar, Amerigas Partners (APU) is the name behind many of those propane cylinder exchange and refill stations you see at your local grocer or convenience store.

Source: NASDAQ

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