Dividends4Life: 2 ETFs On Breakout Watch Hold Buffett Dividend Stocks

The market's back in a confirmed uptrend, which raises the potential for more successful breakouts by stocks and ETFs alike. Today we'll highlight two dividend plays that may soon be ripe for the picking.

First up is iShares Core Dividend Growth (DGRO), which tracks the Morningstar U.S. Dividend Growth Index. The $1.7 billion fund is just below a 31.19 buy point of a 12-week flat base. It advanced 5% from its prior flat-base breakout in early February to the start of the current pattern. And in November, DGRO gained 4% after clearing a previous flat base. Schwab Dividend Equity (SCHD), which tracks the Dow Jones U.S. Dividend 100 Index, has also been building a flat base for about 12 weeks. The ideal buy point is 45.48, or 10 cents above the left-side high. The $5.5 billion ETF shows similar action to DGRO, with small gains after breakouts in November and February.

Source: Investors.com

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