Dividends4Life: This 8% Yielder Is Hitting The Ball Out Of The Park

This Company's 4th quarter earnings were robust. Strong NII and DNOI on the back of portfolio growth have dramatically enhanced Hercules Capital's dividend coverage stats. Improved dividend coverage and positive asset sensitivity suggest a dividend hike in 2017, or a special dividend. An investment in it yields 8.30 percent.

Business development company Hercules Capital, Inc. (NASDAQ:HTGC), formerly known as Hercules Technology Growth Capital, hit the ball out of the park with super strong Net Investment Income and Distributable Net Operating Income for the 4th quarter. The tech-focused lender reported record results for 2016, and chances are that Hercules Capital will be able to grow its dividend payout in 2017. Hercules Capital's shares have already risen ~40 percent last year, but chances are that shareholders will continue to be able to ride the Hercules train.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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