Dividends4Life: The 1 High-Yield Dividend Stock I Want to Own in 2017

I cut my teeth as an investor at the feet of David Gardner. The Motley Fool co-founder believes that investing in "Rule Breakers" is the way to go. Oftentimes, these disruptive companies don't offer a dividend. That may help explain why my four largest holdings -- which account for over half of my portfolio -- have no dividend at all. That's why I think my sentiment for this article is somewhat extraordinary. There's a high-yield dividend stock that I want to own in 2017, and it's currently yielding a whopping 8.4% based on this year's expected payouts! And that company is...

Back in August 2016, I stumbled upon a company named Enviva Partners (NYSE:EVA). The story is pretty simple: Demand for wood pellets (of all things) is booming right now because Northern European power companies need them as inputs to help replace coal and reduce carbon emissions. Enviva has consolidated the market in Southeastern United States, bringing production plants online and purchasing a deepwater dock in the Port of Chesapeake. The company signs long-term contracts with these power providers. The average contract length is 9.8 years. If a company backs out before the contract expires, it owes Enviva a hefty termination fee.

Source: Motley Fool

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