Dividends4Life: Earn Yields Up to 8.5% with These 5 Top Dividend Stocks

It’s hard to find big yields nowadays, but these top dividend stocks pay out up to 8.5%.

This sector is hated by investors. Most analysts have given up on it.

Yet these names crank out lucrative dividends. Some pay out yields of three, five, even eight percent. And the last time shares were this cheap, investors earned triple-digit returns over the next few years.

Let me explain.

In a rising tide, even garbage floats.

Where are the best places right now? I’m looking through the countries hammered the hardest during the recent bear market. If you’re willing to shift through the market’s discount bin, something you can uncover a real gem. I’m also sticking to the “beachfront properties.” Beyond broad country indices, I’m looking for wonderful businesses. Firms with entrenched market positions that throw off tons of distributions and cash flow. With all of the dour headlines, these great dividend stocks have been marked down: iShares MSCI Malaysia Index Fund 8.6%, iShares Emerging Markets High Yield Bond ETF 5.6%, iShares MSCI Mexico Inv. Mt. Idx. 2.4%, iShares MSCI Chile Inv. Mt. Idx. Fd $40.74 1.7% and iShares MSCI Brazil Index 1.5%.

Source: Income Investor

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